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Schools Week, 24 October 2015

Psychologist warns teachers not to use ‘bullycide’ videos

Stories about suicide should not be used in school anti-bullying campaigns because they risk giving a message to children that “there is a way out”, warns a leading psychologist.

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DOXA, 31 October 2014

Ekspert: mobning kan være godt

Antimobningskampagner er uærlige, når de præsenterer mobning som noget, der altid skal gribes ind over for, siger forsker Helene Guldberg, der anklager ’antimobningsindustrien’ for at puste problemet op for at få flere penge. Antimobning gør mere skade end gavn, og i visse tilfælde er mobning direkte sundt for barnets udvikling, siger Guldberg til DOXA.

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Sunday Herald, 15 December 2013

Nagging doubts: should Santa give in to every child's whim for gadgetry?

CHRISTMAS has changed.

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The Daily Telegraph, 12 September 2013

School for four-year-olds: Should I send my daughter to school or off to play Pooh Sticks?

Starting formal education too early is damaging, says one lobby group. Test children at four, says Michael Gove. Judith Woods is a parent caught in the crossfire

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Erica Buist blog, 4 July 2012

Top 3 “Oh Captain, my Captain” moments at The Sunday Times Festival of Education

It may seem bizarre that one would “Oh Captain, my Captain” a woman who is essentially against anti-bullying campaigns, but Prof. Guldberg’s work is not, as campaigners would have you believe, a padded-out abandonment tactic.

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Revista do Comércio, Brazil, 6 June 2012

Bullying em crise de identidade

Para a pesquisadora inglesa Helene Guldberg, da Universidade Aberta do Reino Unido, enquadrar tudo como bullying pode ser tão perigoso quanto ignorá-lo. “Meu argumento é de que é impossível chegar a uma definição rigorosa sobre o que é assédio moral”, defende a psicóloga, em entrevista concedida por e-mail à Revista do Comércio.

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Daily Telegraph, 24 April 2012

Obsession with safety is risking our children's well-being

A decade after child protection checks began, common sense and compassion have been sidelined.

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RoadKill Radio, Canada, 6 March 2012

Dr. Helene Guldberg: Get Rid of Anti-Bullying Campaigns

Researcher and author Dr. Helene Guldberg joins Kari Simpson and Ron Gray to discuss her book, “Reclaiming Childhood: Freedom and Play in an Age of Fear“. Dr. Guldberg shows there there is no evidence at all that so-called “anti-bullying” programs reduce bulling. Furthermore, the anti-bullying industry may be doing more harm than good for children, denying them the character-building experiences that help them face the realities of later life.

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BBC Radio 4, 4 January 2012

BBC iPlayer - Bringing Up Britain: Series 4: Butting Out and Letting Go

Butting Out and Letting Go

Mariella Frostrup and guests - including Helene Guldberg - discuss fostering independence in children and teens. How do parents do it and what are the consequences if they don’t?

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Ottawa South EMC, 8 December 2011

Bullying legislation takes adult intervention too far

Speaking on CBC with Jian Ghomeshi, British lecturer in child development Helene Guldberg argued while extreme cases of bullying should be tackled we should avoid pathologizing normal childhood relationships. Childhood, she said, is a bumpy road but by solving their problems themselves, without adult intervention, children learn valuable lessons.

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