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Friday 7 June 2013

‘This manual is, frankly, a disaster for children’

Christopher Lane talks to spiked about the new edition of the bible of psychiatry – ‘a legal document facilitating the medication of millions’.

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Monday 29 December 2008

‘Autistic children are now seen as a burden’

Dr Michael Fitzpatrick, author of Defeating Autism, talks to Helene Guldberg about how raising a child with autism can be made infinitely harder – emotionally, financially and practically – by the charlatanic ‘war on autism’.

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Thursday 28 December 2006

A hard cell

Eve Herold on why we should take sides in the Stem Cell Wars, and cheer those scientists pushing the boundaries.

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Friday 20 October 2006

'There's no such thing as "stress"'

Angela Patmore has been branded a ‘heartless bitch’ for her attack on the stress management industry. Calm down and get a life, she tells her critics.

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Friday 2 June 2006

'Animals are less valuable than human beings'

Leading researcher John Martin tells Helene Guldberg why it is morally justifiable to cause heart attacks in rats - and why he isn’t scared of animal rights extremists.

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Monday 16 January 2006

'This is like a badly written Greek tragedy'

Stephen Minger of King’s Stem Cell Biology Laboratory on the fall from grace of South Korean scientist Woo Suk Hwang.

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Thursday 3 November 2005

Man is more than a beast

The primatologist Frans de Waal says we should get in touch with ‘our inner ape’. Speak for yourself.

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Monday 9 May 2005

How can we halt the 'march of unreason'?

Dick Taverne on why we need to defend the Enlightenment against dodgy science and ‘dogmatic environmentalists’.

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Friday 8 April 2005

All in the hormones?

Vivienne Parry, author of The Truth About Hormones, questions whether chemicals control our destinies.

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Friday 30 July 2004

Keep taking the tablets

Forget the scare stories, says Diarmuid Jeffreys, author of a history of aspirin – the little white pill is ‘one of the most amazing creations in medical history’.

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Thursday 11 July 2002

Positing the positive

Charles Leadbeater, author of Up the Down Escalator, talked to Helene Guldberg about the politics of pessimism.

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Wednesday 22 May 2002

'I have not jumped off the modernity boat'

Francis Fukuyama talks about History after 11 September, human exceptionalism, Ritalin and Islam.

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Thursday 24 January 2002

'This is a case of table pounding'

The ‘Skeptical Environmentalist’ Bjorn Lomborg tells Helene Guldberg how he has weathered the storm of reaction against him.

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