issue: free speech

Wednesday 27 August 2008

The shame of Salman Rushdie’s
secular fatwa

In using England’s archaic libel laws to have books pulped, the former free speech martyr puts himself in the same camp as censorious mullahs.

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Thursday 26 June 2008

No defender of liberty should use the libel laws

England’s law of defamation is the enemy of free speech. So why did the head of Liberty threaten a minister with a writ?

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Friday 13 October 2006

Publish, and you can still be damned

An ‘historic’ judgement in the House of Lords might make it easier to defend a libel case, but leaves press freedom subject to a bad law.

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Tuesday 8 August 2006

A hairy moment for free speech

Tommy Sheridan’s libel win over the News of the World was no ‘victory’ for the working class. It was a victory for an archaic law over open debate.

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Monday 25 July 2005

Why Roman picked London for his libel trial

How does a film director based in France who is a fugitive from the USA sue a US publisher and win? By taking his case to ‘a town called Sue’.

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Friday 3 December 2004

Galloway 1, free speech 0

Ex-Labour MP George Galloway was defamed, but his victory under English libel law is nothing to celebrate.

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